Why I design an Woody Strode tee shirt

Television as a child growing up in the sixty in Birmingham uk
was very exciting kids tv was stating have programs the were full of action. Show like Robin Hood, poppet action fantasy in space, and of course western show. As a young black boy getting to know his place in the world. Looking for hero's to shout about and perform like in the playground.
This actor was one of the first individual that stated to notice. A big man ( 6ft 3in-190.5cm) black brother very muscular man but all way lost in the fight scenes in the film. I couldn't understand as kid how a big man like him would lose.
Woody would appear in lot's of roles, very different characters. American indian, African warrior, Genglis Khan, Australian aboriginal.
Small part at first moving to bigger role. I don't know how true the storey goes that he ask to shave his head for the movie Ten Commandment. $500 a week to play a slave he got another role as the Ethiopian king so Strode play that role as well.
Lot's of Tarzan roles as characters that look very silly to me.
His well know film Spartacus, Pork Chop, Sergeant Rutledge. He tell the storey the big studios like him in this film. instead wanted Sidney Poitier or Harry Belafonte. John Ford who direct the movie fought him said that "tell was not tough enough for I want them to do for the role". He love this film saying " you never see a black man coming off the mountain. A little like John Wayne riding across the screen like the hero. Carried the black race across that river.
There lot's more storey about this hero of my. Some other time.

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