Where the name came from


Now!  I have been thinking about my business name beggarmans trend. I can guest that a lot of people  might be thinking or will read  lot's more into the name beggarmans trend as negative. A vision of somebody with their hand out asking for help. Penniless rogue impoverish, inadequate; Other names such as bum, tramp etc. 

All negative feeling to someone down on their luck, "kick the poor in the head, rub their face in the mud". Which is not very kind. 

This what I say beggarmans trend  means. I go back in time when my father had his first shop in Birmingham UK. 

Balasll Heath a area that was full of exciting life. A mix of rich and poor, black, white and brown. 1968 youth culture was a very much a blend of different races from around the British empire. 

Dad was a brave man with a family of three to look after started working for you self, not knowing how it would work out.  

Balasll Heath RD in the 60s 

As a 11 year boy starting secondary school a big change was happening in my life. I remember having to go to shop after school.

I was very happy with that, because all my friends when to their homes. I'm the oldest child in our family a boy who had to help out,   didn't like it.  

 Our  shop was at the bottom of Balasll heath road . On the corner was newsagent, next to a veg shop. Opposite was a big Asian cinema that was full of customers every weekend.

To describe our shop as old in looks, little run down. We tide it up and turn it a great tailor shop. 

 Wasn't in a richest part of Birmingham. What I call a lively area, exciting time look back now. 

Customer came in look for alteration to their clothes, having suits made to measure. Sometime chatting and tell there story to our family. Character from all parts of the world. Some got feed by my mom when Saturday soup was on the menu. They all came to the shop rich, poor down on there luck. Asking for favours to help them look good in their clothes. Busting out a style, for a good night out. We welcome them all. I can still hear the cry " George ( that my dad first name) "I beg  you build a suit or trousers I what to go out".

Style at the time where Mod, Jamaican rude boys, soul, ska, America blues. 

Dad made me a pair of hipster trousers dog tooth material. Wow I love them. The family when to Blackpool for a church trip.  

A  young looking mod said to his mate "look at that kid he wearing hipsters trousers" Big fashion in the sixty, I love it.

Where I come from beggarmans trend is a positive word which can only mean style. To make you feel and look better. Working Class people  work hard play hard, rich friends who spent money to look good all the time. I say beggarmans trend came from these humble beginnings. Spreading love and great design to anyone who want to join in.

                        "feel and look better"


Clifford Saunders

The opposite my dad shop in Balasll Heath rd.    

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