Let's talk Beggarmans trend

I thought some of you who lick on to beggarmans trend online shop would like to know more. The history of being in fashion plus ethos of the business. My name is Clifford Saunders I started this online shop, the first time I produce a product under name of beggarmans trend in 1987-88. My father had a tailor shops in Birmingham UK. He open his first shop in 1967 in Balasll Heath on the Balasll heath road. I was still at school and had to go to the shop after school. My job then was to help out the best I could in the shop cleaning the floors, brushing down the clothes trying to be useful. One big memory I have of the times was a visit to Blackpool. Mods fashion  was look at the time in London and Birmingham the hold country swing 60s. For young  eight year old black boy going out of my city was exciting. So my dad ( George Saunders ) design or what tailor say crafted out a pair of hipster trousers for the family trip. When put then on, wow I was feeling fabulous plus a mod in Blackpool saw me with then and " look at that kid he wearing hipster " How fantastic, my head was in the cloud.  That where I fallen in love with clothing. The seed for beggarmans trend was planted I didn't know at the time its what I believe now.

That me, in the early 60s before my famous hipsters trousers. The girl was someone who live next-door.

This is just the start of the story

Back Soon. 

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